Flyvie Lite iPhone App

Capture, share, and re-experience your flights with our unique personal flight recorder.

The Flyvie Lite app lets you record your flights and access our unique Flight Viewer, providing video, audio, GPS on top of Google Earth playback.

Flyvie puts unprecedented data capture at your fingertips so you can analyze your flights or share them with friends and colleagues.

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*requires monthly subscription

Flyvie Pro Flight Recorder

Professional grade cockpit flight recording with data capture makes flight instruction more effective, more efficient, and more fun.

The Flight Recorder Pro captures pilot view and instrument panel video, cockpit audio, GPS, and Google Earth playback. When paired with our Flight Viewer, it truly is the ultimate flight debriefing tool.

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Flight Viewers

Flyvie's Flight Viewers provide multiple
data-streams for debriefing and sharing the flight experience.

Available in monthly or annual subscriptions (subscriptions include membership benefits), our Flight Viewers allow you to download flight sensor data along with your tagged annotations and then play them back with cockpit audio and video, GPS, and Google Earth imagery.

We offer two versions: the Flyvie Lite Viewer and the Flyvie Pro Viewer. Which viewer is right for you altdepends on the hardware in your cockpit.

Nothing on the market provides a fuller picture of the flying experience.

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First Cross Country

Check out this video of a student's first solo cross-country. She and her instructor were able to review the flight together using the Flivie Pro system. The instructor was able to critque the landings, review and discuss radio handling and navigation. Together they felt confident about progressing forward with training because of Flivie!