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Did you ever wish you could record and share your flight experiences?

Flyvie, the leading manufacturer of flight recorders and debriefing systems, has the developed an iPhone app that records your flight, including video, audio, GPS, compass and accelerometer. Download flights into our Flyvie Lite Viewer and play back the flight recording over a Google Earth background. Use it for your flight training, flight refreshers, solo flights or for sharing your cross country experiences.

How does it work?

Insert the iPhone into its mount in the cockpit and activate the app. The iPhone will now record video of your flight while simultaneously collecting GPS data, cockpit audio, compass and accelerometer data.

After landing, download the data from your iPhone to your PC and log in to your Flyvie Lite Viewer member account to access and replay your flights. The Flyive Lite App does record without the Flyvie subscription, but to appreciate the full experience of your flight, we highly recommend signing up for the Flyvie Lite Viewer

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